My art studio renovation with help from good friends

I’m so blessed to have friends like Melody and Gerald who generously spent their days off to drive all the way from Mississippi to come help me with the much needed renovation of my art studio. (Hey, a girl’s  gotta work)

They know I was totally desperate to improve the conditions of my very unsuitable studio space, especially considering my past studios were ~ well, kinda killer ~ so amazing and spacious, it was a big set back to be working out of my carport exposed to the elements and those pesky chickens!

When I closed the art gallery I unfortunately had to give up the cool 2500 sq ft loft studio that was above it. That hurt. I remind myself that although it was spacious, I didn’t use anywhere near that much square footage and it didn’t have windows for ventilation 😷 or a view so it was a little uninspiring not being able to look out. It was also on the second floor which meant lugging my huge canvases up & down the stairs, not fun. Anyway, this space is the perfect size and looks out over my beautiful hill country ranch so I’m very grateful. Besides, nothing beats working from home. 

(My former studio made me feel spoiled windows) 

 The carport attached to my house was open on three sides and I swear every animal on my ranch hangs out in there making it so filthy dirty getting hair on the wet paint and stepping all over the art as it dries! Really frustrating to say the least. I would be like - “oh those foot prints??? Yeah, “I meant to do that, it’s part of the painting” 

 I also may have screamed a few choice words during the trampling of my art - ok, so I admit I threatened to rotisserie a hen. 

I have a lot of customers commissioning me to paint custom portraits of their horses and pets. Last month I was hired make a work of art from a awesome photo of a customers ranch and her impressive rooster but as I was working on it I found chicken doo doo on my work table and horse manure on the floor and I just kinda threw up my brush and wept.  That was a little too close to the subject matter.

The wind blows the paintings over ripping them and getting them soaked by rain costing me money, mula, Benjamin’s ~ you know, the stuff artists don’t have much of. Not good after you’ve spent hours pouring your heart into a painting. 

Opps! Wind blows over my makeshift walls for the 100th time and destroys yet another work in progress  


See what I mean??? Way too open for art studio.

 I planted a wild flower garden outside the studio

 I’m sharing before and after pictures of the renovations as they occur. Melody and Gerald are returning July 4th weekend to help finish what we started. I can’t wait to see the finished result and no more barn /art studio! I figure we’ll take a break to cool off & float down the Perdenales River that’s next to my house and finish the day with a Fireworks show from my front yard! 

(Here’s the finished look I’m going for - only mine won’t be quite so elaborate)

 (I want the unfinished, rustic look of white painted stud interior walls) 

 Eco friendly- up cycle renovation in progress: *scored all four of theses huge, double pane, energy star windows - new, in the boxes with screens at the Hill Country Senior Center Thrift Shop for only $100! 

 So friggin HOT! 105 degrees! Thank goodness for my art festival tent.


Everyone should have a friend like this lady!

(After a long day of construction-  margarita time!)

And where was Eric during all of this you ask??? 

......MORE TO COME AS IT CONTINUES (stay tuned) 

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  • Fantastic!!! So happy for you!!! Paint on!!!


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